Amenity society

In England and Wales, an amenity society is an organisation which monitors planning and development in a conservation area or other sensitive area.

National amenity societies

National amenity societies preserve historic art and architecture and operate at a national level. In England, the six principal societies are statutory consultees on alterations to listed buildings, and by law must be notified of any work to a listed building which involves any element of demolition. These societies are:

In addition to the above, the Garden History Society is a statutory consultee in relation to planning proposals likely to affect registered historic parks and gardens.

Local amenity societies

Many civic societies in England and Wales comment non-statutorily on planning and historic building matters within their localities.

City of Westminster

In the City of Westminster, amenity societies are statutory consultees on planning matters including planning and listed building applications within their area. Recognised amenity societies in Westminster include the Marylebone Association, Westminster Society, Residents Society of Mayfair and St James's, The Belgravia Society, and The Soho Society.

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