Concessions in Mandatory Palestine

Front page of the Arabic newspaper Falastin on the 15th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, 2 November 1932. The Jordan River Concession is shown in the top left corner of the cartoon (Arabic: مشروع كهرباء روتنبرغ‎, romanizedMashrue Kahraba' Rutenburgh, lit. 'Rutenberg Electricity Project'), and the Dead Sea Concession is shown in the top right.

The Concessions in Mandatory Palestine were a number of monopolies for the operation of key economic assets in Mandatory Palestine.

List of Concessions

The 1938 Woodhead Commission provided a list of the concessions granted:

Bodies of Water

Oil transport

Shipping infrastructure

  • Lighthouses (Administration Generale de Phares de Palestine);
  • Bonded Warehouses (Levant Bonded Warehouse Company);


  • the Tiberias Hot Baths (the Hamei Tiberia Company);
  • El Hamma Mineral Springs (Suleiman Bey Nassif);


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