European Women's Handball Championship

The European Women's Handball Championship is the official competition for senior women's national handball teams of Europe, and takes place every two years. In addition to crowning the European champions, the tournament also serves as a qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games and World Championship. As of December 2018, the only teams that have ever won the championship are Norway (eight times), Denmark (three times), Hungary, Montenegro and France (each once).


In year 1946, the International Handball Federation was founded by eight European nations, and though non-European nations competed at the World Championships, the medals had always been taken by European nations. European Handball Federation is founded in 1991. At the same time (1995), the World Championship was changed from a quadrennial to a biannual event, and the European Handball Federation now began its own championship – which also acted as a regional qualifier for the World Championship. The tournament will be expanded to 24 teams in 2024 to take place in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland.


Medal table


Total hosts

Top scorers by tournament

The record-holder for scored goals in a single Euro Championship is Bojana Radulović, where she scored 72 goals the He scored 72 goals for Norway at the 2004 European Women's Handball Championship in Hungary.

Best players by tournament

Participating nations

  • 1st – Champions
  • 2nd – Runners-up
  • 3rd – Third place
  • 4th – Fourth place
  • 5th – Fifth place
  • 6th – Sixth place
  • 7th – Seventh place
  • 8th – Eighth place
  • 9th – Ninth place
  • 10th – Tenth place
  • 11th – Eleventh place
  • 12th – Twelfth place
  • 13th to 16th – Thirteenth to sixteenth place
  • Q – Qualified for upcoming tournament
  • q – may still qualify for upcoming tournament
  •  •  – Did not qualify
  •  •×  – Disqualified
  •  ×  – Did not enter / Withdrew / Banned
  •    – Hosts

For each tournament, the number of teams in each finals tournament (in brackets) are shown.

1 FR Yugoslavia competed as such until 2003 when the FRY was reconstituted as a State Union Serbia and Montenegro. Since the dissolution of the union in 2006, national teams exist for both countries.

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