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Frankford High School is a public high school in the School District of Philadelphia. It is located at Oxford Avenue and Wakeling Street in the Frankford section of Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Frankford was founded in 1910 as an annex to Central High School. For the school's colors, blue was added to the red and gold of Central. Frankford's slogan is "Home of Champions," a nod to its longstanding tradition of fielding strong sports teams. The school's athletic teams are nicknamed the Pioneers.

In the fall of 2018, Frankford High School became Frankford High School Aviation Academy, launching a unique program to provide a career path for the graduates of the program. Beginning with the class of 2022, students have the opportunity to enroll in the Aviation Program. After their completion, they can earn their private pilot license and by the time they are 21 be eligible for their commercial pilot license. The program will also include multiple tracks of study including drone-piloting and airplane mechanic/maintenance.

Frankford's soccer team won ten straight Public League Championships (1987–1996), four of which by shutout. Frankford's wrestling team won 11 straight Public League Championships ending in 2007. On May 19, 2010, Principal Reginald Fisher was cited in a report appearing in the Philadelphia newspapers that he was one of 15 administrators not certified to run their schools. Whether this issue has been resolved has not been reported as of present.

Neighborhoods served

Neighborhoods served by the school include Bridesburg, Frankford, Northwood, Wissinoming, Oxford Circle and Juniata.

Feeder patterns

Harding Middle School is Frankford's most significant "feeder school", or one in which its graduating students matriculate to Frankford High.

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