List of Pomona College people

The Pomona class of 1894 gathered outdoors
The class of 1894, Pomona's first graduating class, had 11 members.

Pomona College (/pəˈmnə/ pə-MOH-nə) is an elite private liberal arts college in Claremont, California, and the founding member of the Claremont Colleges. Many notable individuals have been affiliated with the college as graduates, non-graduating attendees, faculty, staff, or administrators.

Since its founding in 1887, Pomona has graduated 127 classes of students. As of the spring 2021 semester, the college enrolls approximately 1,380 students and has roughly 25,000 living alumni. Of those who are working, 24 percent are in business and finance, 24 percent are in education, 10 percent are in law and government, 10 percent are in health and medicine, 5 percent are in arts and media, 4 percent are in science and technology, and 23 percent are in other fields. As of the fall 2020 semester, the college employs 257 faculty members and 271 administrative staff.

Notable alumni

Arts and letters

Visual art

The Dividing the Light installation, consisting of an illuminated canopy with a cutout framing the sky above
Dividing the Light, a 2007 skyspace on Pomona's campus by James Turrell, class of 1965

Film and television

Joel McCrea, with his face partially in shadow
Actor Joel McCrea, class of 1928, appeared in more than 100 films, including many Westerns.
Richard Chamberlain sitting on a film set
Actor Richard Chamberlain, class of 1956, became a teen idol for his starring role in Dr. Kildare.


Kris Kristofferson giving a thumbs up
Actor and musician Kris Kristofferson, class of 1958

Journalism and non-fiction writing

Bill Keller
Bill Keller, class of 1970, won a Pulitzer for his reporting from the Soviet Union in the final years of the Cold War and served as executive editor of The New York Times from 2003 to 2011.



Marianne Williamson
Self-help author Marianne Williamson, attended 1970 to 1972

Government and law

U.S. Senators and Congresspeople

Brian Schatz
U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (D‑HI), class of 1994

Federal officials

State and city officials




Myrlie Evers-Williams giving a speech
Civil rights activist Myrlie Evers-Williams, class of 1968


James Howard sitting in the cockpit of his P-51 Mustang fighter plane
James Howard, class of 1937, was the only fighter pilot in the European Theater to receive the Medal of Honor in World War II.


Roy E. Disney sitting in a suit and grinning
Senior Disney executive Roy E. Disney, class of 1951


Jennifer Doudna
Jennifer Doudna, class of 1985, won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on CRISPR-based gene engineering, one of the most significant discoveries in the history of biology.


Painting of Seraphim Rose sitting at a desk in a cabin with an open book
Russian Orthodox hieromonk Seraphim Rose, class of 1956 (oil portrait by Andrey Mironov)


College presidents

David Prescott Barrows
Anthropologist David P. Barrows, class of 1894, conducted extensive ethnographic research on Native Americans.

Professors and academics

Model of a Chinese dwelling with clay models of two men sitting at a table in conversation
A statue depicting Chinese sociologist Chen Hansheng, class of 1920, conducting a field interview with a peasant farmer in Baoding


Greg Popovich with his arms crossed and a stern expression
NBA Championship head coach of the San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich coached the Pomona men's basketball team from 1979 to 1987.

Notable faculty

Frank Brackett
Astronomer Frank Brackett, Pomona professor 1888–1933
David Foster Wallace speaking at a podium
Author David Foster Wallace, Pomona professor 2002–2008
Jonathan Lethem sitting on steps in Brooklyn in a turtleneck
Novelist Jonathan Lethem, Pomona professor 2011–present
Claudia Rankine wearing a fuchsia scarf
Poet Claudia Rankine, Pomona professor 2006–2015

Presidents of Pomona College

James Blaisdell
James Blaisdell, Pomona's fourth president and founder of the Claremont Colleges

From 1888 to 1890, trustee Charles B. Sumner was the college's "financial agent with supervisory authority", and assumed many of the duties of a president. The subsequent presidents are:

Baldwin (1890–97)
Ferguson (1897–1901)
Gates (1902–09)
Blaisdell (1910–27)
Edmunds (1928–41)
Lyon (1941–69)
Alexander (1969–91)
Stanley (1991–2003)
Oxtoby (2003–17)
Starr (2017–)
Presidents of Pomona College (1887–present)

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