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Anna Palm de Rosa

Anna Palm de Rosa (1859–1924) was a Swedish artist and landscape painter. In the 1890s, she was one of Sweden's most popular painters, with her watercolours of steamers, sailing ships and scenes of Stockholm, but she left Sweden for good at the age of 36, marrying an Italian and spending the rest of her life in southern Italy.

This painting, dated 1885, shows a game of ombre at Brøndums Hotel, in Skagen in the north of Denmark. The hotel is remembered for its close associations with the late 19th-century artists' colony known as the Skagen Painters. In order to help cover their board and lodgings, some of the artists donated their work to the hotel, where the pictures were displayed on the walls of the dining room. This painting is now in the collection of Skagens Museum.

Painting credit: Anna Palm de Rosa

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