Mohammad-Reza Hafeznia

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia (born 1955, Birjand, Iran) is a full professor of political geography in Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran. He obtained his Ph.D in political geography from Tarbiat Modares University in 1990.

He has published 13 books on the subject, as well as more than 110 papers in the journals and conference proceedings. His newest book entitled : "National Power and Interests" published in 2008. Hafeznia has a critical view and approach toward some basic and traditional concepts, such as: politics, process of democracy and legislation, nation, nation state, boundary and so on.

Hafeznia has presented a new definition about geopolitics to the 30th international conference of IGU, and published his book entitled: "Principles and Concepts of Geopolitics" in 2006 with a scientific approach. He has presented some theories, concepts and models in this book. (The book is in Persian language)

Hafeznia is the founder of Iranian Association of Geopolitics (IAG) as well as the journal of Geopolitics Quarterly.

Hafeznia has presented some theories, such as: One world with two systems; The world state on the basis of international democracy; Theory of Asian Unity( in 1991); Direct democracy with using IT (suggestion an alternative model for legislation and policy-making in the structure of political systems, instead of parliaments); Political geography of cyber space; Dinamic relations of space, society and politics; Geographical philosophy of state & government; Geographical explanation of democracy and citizenship; A new concept of the Heartland; Humanist Geopolitics.

Hafeznia in collaboration with his colleagues has presented a model for measurement of national power which published in 2008 (Journal of applied sciences, Vol.8, N0.2)

Hafeznia, has a humanitarian thought, and follows the idea of peace, justice, welfare, freedom and development for the humankind.

He beliefs that the humankind throughout the world, as well as the earth as the living space for the people, have no good situation, while they can be and must be better. He thinks that, political activists and leaders, religious activists and leaders and economic activists and managers are responsible for pains of the Humankind as well as demolition of the Nature.

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