Pilar Benejam Arguimbau

Pilar Benejam i Arguimbau (born 1937) is a Spanish geographer and pedagogue. In 1961 she graduated in teaching from the School of the Balearic Islands. In 1966 she obtained a licentiate in pedagogy, and another in history from the University of Barcelona in 1972. Finally, in 1985, she received a doctorate in pedagogy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).


Pilar Benejam Arguimbau was born in born 1937. She has a distant kinship with Professor Joan Benejam i Vives (1846–1922).

Since 1972, she has been a professor in the Department of Language Teaching, Literature, and Social Sciences at the UAB.

She has worked at the Costa y Llobera School, and at the Talitha School.

She has been part of several commissions for the reform of teacher training in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. She is an expert in issues of review of school programming in social sciences, and has advised public administrations in reference to the overall training cycle. Since 1994, she has been director of the UAB's Institute of Education Sciences.

She has been interested in all aspects of pedagogical renovation and didactic innovation, and in the introduction of the teaching of the different epistemological proposals of geography.


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  • Member of the editorial team of the Journals of the University of Murcia
  • Member of Rosa Sensat Teachers' Association [ca], where she had a very active participation in the constituent stage of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and was editor of the Bellaterra Manifesto, for which she received that institution's Bronze Medal
  • Sponsor of the Doctor Honoris Causa of the pedagogue Marta Mata (1926–2006)


  • 2003: Ramon Llull Award
  • 2004: Creu de Sant Jordi, awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • 2004: Jaume Vicens Vives Award
  • 2004: Emili Darder Prize, awarded for a life dedicated to teacher training
  • 2011: Catalonia Education Award
  • 2015: Gold Medal of Ciutadella
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