Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series

The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series is an annual award given to the best television comedy series of the year. From 1960 to 1964, this category was combined with the Comedy Specials (one time programs) category so that both type of programs competed for the same award during those years.

The Flintstones and Family Guy are the only animated sitcoms to be nominated for the award. As of 2020, Fleabag (United Kingdom) and Schitt's Creek (Canada) made history as the first shows from outside the United States to win this award.

Outside the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC), Fox has won this award twice, with Ally McBeal and Arrested Development, cable network HBO has won this award four times, one with Sex and the City and three times with Veep, Pop TV with Schitt's Creek, streaming service Prime Video for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the BBC for Fleabag (although seen later on Prime Video).

Winners and nominations

The following tables, divided by decade, show the winners and nominees of the "Comedy Series" award, according to the Primetime Emmy Awards database:









Programs with multiple awards

Programs with multiple nominations

Total awards by network

  • NBC – 26
  • CBS – 22
  • ABC – 11
  • HBO – 4
  • FOX – 2
  • Prime Video – 2
  • Pop TV – 1

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