Second Ürümqi–Jinghe railway

The Second Ürümqi–Jinghe railway or Wujing Line No. 2 (乌精二线), is a double-track railway in Xinjiang, China between Ürümqi, the regional capital of Xinjiang and Jinghe. The railway is 381.5 km in length and runs parallel to the Northern Xinjiang railway, connecting most of the same cities and towns of the Southern Junggar Basin, including Changji, Hutubi, Manas, Shihezi, Kuytun, Wusu and Jinghe. The line opened in 2009 to alleviate growing traffic on the Northern Xinjiang railway, which is connected to the Lanzhou–Xinjiang railway to the east and the Turkestan–Siberia railway of Central Asia to the west and newly built Kuytun–Beitun and Jinghe–Yining–Horgos lines branching off to the north and south.

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