The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush

The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush (also known as Benjamin Rush, Rush Arts, or simply Rush) is a public, magnet high school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Each student at Rush Arts auditions for one specific "major" out of the five that the school offers. These are the visual arts (which have graphic, media, and fine arts as three subcategories), dance, theatre, instrumental music, and vocals. Students generally stick with one major throughout their high school career; while they have the option of switching majors, this requires a re-audition and acceptance into that field.


The school competes as a representative of PIAA District XII, Public League. The school mascot is the knight, while the team colors are purple and black. Rush Arts offers Six Varsity sports; four for girls and two for boys. The girls sports are volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball. The boys sports are basketball and baseball.

The girls soccer team began varsity competition in spring of 2010 (moved to the fall in 2012). Since they began play, the team has won the Public League Class AA Championship in both 2012 and 2013. In addition, they won a Bronze Division Championship in 2011 and have reached the playoffs every season since the team began.

The girls softball team began varsity competition in spring of 2013 (they were a JV program prior to that) and have yet to lose a regular season game. The softball team won the Public League Bronze division undefeated in 2013 and the league's Silver Division in 2014. They lost in the playoffs both seasons.

The boys baseball team began varsity competition in spring of 2013 (they were a JV program prior to that) and have qualified for the class A playoffs both seasons.

The volleyball team and basketball teams have not yet qualified for league or classification playoffs. The Volleyball team did successfully achieve a division promotion however after the fall 2014 season.

Extracurricular activities

Since its establishment, The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush has offered a number of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Among these are...

In addition, many teachers will stay after school on specified days to aid students academically.

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