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Tri-State Christian Television, doing business as TCT Network and TCT Ministries, is a network of ten religious television stations and their repeaters, mainly in the Midwest. TCT Network provides a mix of original talk show programming such as TCT Today, TCT Alive and Come On In, along with a children-oriented programming block made by the network branded as TCT Kids (used to meet E/I mandates), some Southern gospel music programming, traditional televangelism (which makes up the majority of the network's program lineup) and feature films with Christian themes; films were a recent addition to the network's lineup, only being added in the mid-2010s.

There is also an international service, TCT World, now broadcasting in over 170 nations, which covers every continent except South America and Antarctica. TCT World's schedule is also around-the-clock. TCT World, like their three over-the-air television feeds, can also be viewed online via their live streaming video feed on their website archived videos of recent TCT Today and TCT Alive programs are available for viewing on their website.

TCT is also available on DirecTV on channel 377, and on Sky Angel channel 133.

The network was founded in May 1977 by Garth and Tina Coonce, who are still both involved in TCT today, as well as hosts of their flagship program, which, is TCT Today.

From the mid-1980s to 2007, TCT was an affiliate of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The network currently maintains a relationship with the Christian Broadcasting Network, airing that network's flagship program The 700 Club twice daily as well as CBN's nightly newscast.

From 2011 to 2013, TCT operated a Spanish-language subchannel which was available both on line and over the air on TCT stations called La Fuente. This subchannel was ultimately discontinued, but reactivated in August 2014 for a simulcast of the Aramaic Broadcast Network. It was discontinued no later than 2017.

In June 2018, TCT ended local operations at all of its owned-and-operated stations, consolidating all of its stations into a single national feed. The change came after the Federal Communications Commission lifted its Main Studio Rule, which had required broadcast stations to have a local studio. All local employees were laid off, and studio sites were placed up for sale. TCT stated that the change was made to free up capital to improve the network's programming, moving away from the straight televangelism-dominated lineup it had previously maintained (television remains the network's core programming) and adding more Christian films.

TCT HD and TCT Family


TCT' High-Definition feed offers some programming differences from its primary, SD feed, and unlike most other digital broadcasters, the station's HD feed is on channel x.2 and its SD feed is on channel x.1.

TCT Family

In late 2009, the network began rolling out a third video feed on their website and digital television stations on x.3 called TCT Family and TCT-SD3 on their website (which shows up at TCT-SD2 on PSIP). This feed primarily airs the TCT Kids children's programming block during weekday and Saturday mornings, with public domain secular sitcoms and programs such as Petticoat Junction, Bonanza, The Lucy Show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Racket Squad, Dragnet, The Roy Rogers Show and The Beverly Hillbillies rounding out the schedule.

In fall 2017, the remaining owned-and-operated stations carrying TCT Family as a digital subchannel dropped the service in favor of Light TV, a commercial television network jointly operated by MGM Television, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. TCT Kids continues to be offered as an Internet feed.

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