Vida e Caffè

Baristas at a vida e caffè location.

vida e caffè, commonly referred to as "vida" or "vida e", is a privately owned, speciality coffee retailer with its headquarters based in Cape Town, South Africa. Inspired by the street cafès of Portugal, infused with the lively energy of the people of Africa, and blended together in a place that inspires the soul, the coffee is the embodiment of the vida way of life. The concept of vida e caffè is that of a European inspired espresso bar, which serves espresso, pastries and confectioneries, as well as a wide range of on-the-go convenience food. The name vida e caffè means "life and coffee" in Portuguese.


vida e caffè opened their first shop on Kloof Street, Cape Town, in October 2001. As of March 2020 they have over 100 stores in the Western Cape province, a further 100 in Gauteng, over 20 in KwaZulu-Natal and over 70 across the rest of South Africa. Furthermore, the brand has 13 stores in Ghana, 4 in Mauritius and 2 in Zambia.


As of March 2020, they have 350 stores; 330 throughout South Africa and 20 on the rest of the African continent. A number of the stores are micro-operations located within business office spaces to cater office workers. The presence of the company, its market share, and relatively low franchise costs have been noted as a reason why the American multinational coffee company Starbucks has had limited success in expanding in South Africa. The company has a partnership with the South African branch of Shell to sell coffee at its petrol stations across the country.

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