Cheer Squad

Cheer Squad is a Canadian reality television series that debuted on ABC Spark on July 6, 2016, and in the US on Freeform on August 22, 2016. It follows the Canadian cheer team the Great White Sharks as they work together on the road to world championships. As of 2018 there is only one season, with no clear plans to renew the show.


  • Munira Alawi
  • Ashleigh Dodunski
  • Jenna Dodunski
  • Jordan Knox (Knoxy)
  • Daniela Uhlenbruck (Dani)
  • Laura Ashley (L.A.)
  • Sarah Schlotzhauer (Schlotzy)
  • Brittany Silveira (B-Silv)
  • Madeline Sims (Maddy)
  • Alicia Jantzi (Yahtzee)
  • Leah Smith (Smitty)
  • Erin Kotlar (Moe)
  • Emily Vesterfelt (Vesty)
  • Bethany Lewis (Beth)
  • Rebecca Webster (Becca)
  • Chelsea Matteson
  • Christina Zara (Zara)
  • Lindsay MacKenzie (Mack)
  • Lora Jordan (asst Coach)
  • Mariah Vittoria Pimpao (Bella)
  • Megan McCrae
  • Jennifer Power (Power)
  • Lindsay Everson (Nubs)
  • Ashley Blayney-Hoffer (B.H.)
  • Kiana Horchover (Horch)
  • Haley Debruyne (Bruney)
  • Bailey Sprout
  • Ali Moffatt (Coach)


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