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Nick Middleton (born 1960) is a British physical geographer and supernumerary fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford. He specialises in desertification.

Nick Middleton was born in London, England. As a geographer, he has travelled to more than 50 countries. Going to Extremes is a television programme for Channel 4 about extreme lifestyles, in which Middleton experiences life in the hostile conditions other cultures must endure.

He won the Royal Geographical Society's Ness Award in 2002.

He has appeared on BBC 2's Through the Keyhole.



  • The Geography of Dust Storms (University of Oxford DPhil thesis, 1986)

Books as sole author

  • "Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist" (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2017)
  • Atlas of Environmental Issues (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988)
  • Atlas of World Issues (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988)
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  • Silk Road

Co-authored books

  • Andrew Goudie and Nick Middleton, Bibliography of Desert Dust Storms and Their Consequences (Oxford Environmental Change Unit Bibliography No. 1, 1990)
  • Nick Middleton, The Bloody Baron: Wicked Dictator of the East (London: Short, 2001)
  • Neil Grant and Nick Middleton, The Daily Telegraph Atlas of the World Today (London: Telegraph, 1987)
  • Andrew Goudie and Nick Middleton, Desert Dust in the Global System (Heidelberg: Springer, 2006)
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  • Nick Middleton and D.S.G. Thomas, eds, World Atlas of Desertification (London: Arnold, 1992; 2nd edn 1997)..

Co-authored articles

  • Andrew Goudie and Nick Middleton, 'The Changing Frequency of Dust Storms Through Time', Climatic Change 20 (1992), 197–225
  • Andrew Goudie and Nick Middleton, 'Dust Storms in the Middle East', Bulletin de la Classe des sciences 6:13:7-12 (Brussels: Académie royale des sciences, 2002), 379–99

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