Sylvia Chant

Sylvia Chant (24 December 1958 – 18 December 2019) was a British academic who was professor of Development Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science and was co-director of the MSc Urbanisation and Development Programme in the LSE's Department of Geography and Environment.


She earned her BA at King's College, Cambridge and her PhD at University College London in 1984 (Las Olvidadas: a study of women, housing and family structure in Queretaro, Mexico). Chant was a lecturer in Geography and Latin American Studies at the University of Liverpool from 1987-1988, before joining the LSE. She died after a battle with cancer in 2019.


Gender and development research, particularly the 'feminisation of poverty', livelihoods and employment in urban areas. Working in Costa Rica, Mexico, the Philippines and The Gambia. In the Gambia she has also worked on resistance to female genital mutilation.

She is the editor of The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty : Concepts, Research, Policy (2010),



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