2017 German Masters

The 2017 F66.com German Masters professional ranking snooker tournament took place between 1–5 February 2017 at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany. It was the twelfth ranking event of the 2016/2017 season.

Martin Gould was the defending champion but he lost 2–6 against Ali Carter in the semi-finals.

Tom Ford made the 128th official maximum break and the third of his career in the second frame of his 5–2 win over Peter Ebdon in the first round. Maximum breaks had already been made in the qualifying rounds by both Ali Carter and Ross Muir.

Anthony Hamilton defeated Carter 9–6 to capture his first ranking title in his 26-year career, having trailed 2–5. Aged 45 he also became the oldest ranking event winner since Doug Mountjoy was 46 winning the Classic in 1989. He is the third oldest winner of a ranking event after Mountjoy (46) and Ray Reardon (50 and 45).

Prize fund

The breakdown of prize money for this year is shown below:

The "rolling 147 prize" for a maximum break stood at £10,000 (€13,300).

Main draw

Last 32
Best of 9 frames
Last 16
Best of 9 frames
Quarter Finals
Best of 9 frames
Semi Finals
Best of 11 frames
Best of 17 frames
EnglandMartin Gould5
WalesJamie Jones0
EnglandMartin Gould5
EnglandRicky Walden3
EnglandJohn Astley4
EnglandRicky Walden5
EnglandMartin Gould5
WalesRyan Day2
WalesRyan Day5
Northern IrelandMark Allen1
WalesRyan Day5
FinlandRobin Hull4
FinlandRobin Hull5
EnglandJimmy White4
EnglandMartin Gould2
EnglandAli Carter6
EnglandTom Ford5
EnglandPeter Ebdon2
EnglandTom Ford5
EnglandMark King2
EnglandRonnie O'Sullivan4
EnglandMark King5
EnglandTom Ford2
EnglandAli Carter5
ScotlandStephen Maguire1
EnglandAli Carter5
EnglandAli Carter5
ChinaZhao Xintong4
ThailandSunny Akani0
ChinaZhao Xintong5
EnglandAli Carter6
EnglandAnthony Hamilton9
EnglandStuart Bingham5
ChinaZhang Yong3
EnglandStuart Bingham5
EnglandDavid Gilbert4
Hong KongMarco Fu3
EnglandDavid Gilbert5
EnglandStuart Bingham5
ChinaYan Bingtao2
EnglandMichael Holt5
EnglandStuart Carrington1
EnglandMichael Holt1
ChinaYan Bingtao5
WalesDominic Dale2
ChinaYan Bingtao5
EnglandStuart Bingham4
EnglandAnthony Hamilton6
AustraliaNeil Robertson4
EnglandBen Woollaston5
EnglandBen Woollaston2
EnglandBarry Hawkins5
EnglandBarry Hawkins5
WalesMichael White1
EnglandBarry Hawkins4
EnglandAnthony Hamilton5
EnglandAnthony Hamilton5
WalesMark Williams3
EnglandAnthony Hamilton5
EnglandMark Selby2
ThailandThepchaiya Un-Nooh0
EnglandMark Selby5



These matches were played between 6 and 9 December 2016 at the Barnsley Metrodome in Barnsley, England. All matches were best of 9 frames.

Ali Carter made the 125th official maximum break in the fourth frame of his round 1 qualifying match against Wang Yuchen. It was Carter's second professional maximum break. On the same day, Ross Muir made the 126th official maximum break in the third frame of his round 1 qualifying match against Itaro Santos. It was Muir's first professional maximum break.

Round 1

Round 2

Century breaks

Televised stage centuries

Total: 16

Qualifying stage centuries

Total: 56

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